To Live And Breathe For Skiing

New locations with SkytechSport indoor ski simulators appear almost every month, with the growing community of skiers and snowboarders who don’t want to restrain their training to a season that lasts mere several months. Our VR skiiing machines were also installed at SkiСosmos in Vancouver, so that everyone who lives nearby could try the real virtual skiing.

“The passion of the founders has turned into an innovative virtual skiing business concept that aims to bring the Vancouver ski community together.”

SkiCosmos was founded by two outdoor lovers, travelers that are tough to find behind a desk. Gianna Bernardi and Apostolos Dedas live and breathe for skiing, they say they work hard and play hard.

Gianna is a well rounded athlete: she’s been into track and field for over 10 years and is a black belt 5 Dan Taekwondo Coach who competed with the Greek National Taekwondo team in World championships; she loves Mountain Running, ski mountaineering & equestrian showjumping. She has experienced a lot that the world has to offer, but Gianna admits that the mountains are where she feels most at home. This love at first sight was the reason she became an ISIA Ski Coach and a CSIA level 3 Ski Instructor. Being a strength & conditioning specialist, she’s positive that building a solid base is the key to preventing injuries and improving performance.

Ski Simulator at a Vancouver snow sports studio Ski Cosmos

Apostolos Dedas is also an experienced ski coach, but also an Avalanche Safety Instructor, a CPR/AED Instructor and… an Equestrian Instructor! All that has given Apostolos the opportunity to transfer his knowledge to the public in a unique and interactive way. He’s a Showjumping National team member.

Apostolos sees his life as an adventure. He loves freeride and enjoys every moment on the snowy slopes. Leading SAR missions under the U.N. has been his special operations duty for the last 20 years. He has also been a Special Rescue Operations (SRO Vancouver) liaison officer and board member and become the author of 2 autobiographical writings.

Where There’s No Off Season

The passion of the founders has turned into an innovative virtual skiing business concept that aims to bring the Vancouver ski community together. SkyTechSport indoor ski simulators are a valuable indoor ski training tool to all skiers and ski coaches that improves their ski conditioning and stamina — a high tech path to become stronger skiers and improve their technique. They allow teaching off slope, generating excitement for the sport and getting great fitness-cross training exercise at the same time.

Ski Simulator at a Vancouver snow sports studio Ski Cosmos

The team of SkiCosmos’ experts consists of CSIA ski instructors, Alpine ski coaches, Freestyle and Freeride coaches.

The Unique Gym Features Two SkyTechSport Skiing Simulators:

– a compact indoor ski machine with HD screens for endless runs and slalom courses that is perfect for beginners and intermediate skiers. State-of-the-art indoor ski training technology will get you in ski-ready conditioning and help you build ski-specific muscle groups,

– a larger and more powerful VR skiing simulator with full–4K panoramic screen and HD projection for slalom, giant slalom and endless ski runs. More power means more G-force for advanced skiers, ski professionals and ski racers.

Both will offer skiers and snowboarders a completely tailor-made virtual skiing ride. The indoor ski machines recreate realistic slope conditions with nearly every aspect of the slope available for customization, from the quality of the snow to the frequency of bumps. They are also great for gate training while also training edging and pressure control, line and rhythm, endurance and conditioning.

The indoor ski simulator tracks every movement of your skis, empowering you with abundance of data including speed, force, energy, exposure and edging angles.

Ski Simulator at a Vancouver snow sports studio Ski Cosmos

Professional instructors teach skiers and snowboarders using SkyTechSport skiiing simulators. U.S. ski team, U.S. snowboarding team and U.S. Freestyle athletes train on virtual replicas of world–famous ski areas, utilizing the benefits of year round ski and snowboard practice. Used worldwide for medical rehab, these machines provide a step-by-step post-injury recovery that simulates natural compensatory mechanisms.

The Fresh Business Concept

At SkiCosmos, you can compete in a ski race with friends or colleagues on the actual Sochi and Pyongyang Olympic runs during a cool birthday party or a sporty corporate event. SkiCosmos is the only place where you can actually try indoor ski training with the boots of your choice before buying them: first jump on the simulator, and then benefit from professional boot fitting! They also stylishly equip thrill seekers with exceptional equipment, while the rental department provides skiers of all levels with only the newest ski and ski boot models.

SkiCosmos Contacts:
108, 930 West 1st. Street,
North Vancouver, BC
​For bookings call: 604 418 03878 or 604 764 7142