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Ski Schools & Indoor Studios

From local ski schools to pro Olympic racing teams, to stay in shape off season and win races.


A captivating promotional tool popular with hundreds businesses from snow sports stores to huge malls


Attract, enthrall and engage audiences of all ages during large-scale marketing activation events

Family Entertainment Centers

Attract, enthrall and engage audiences of all ages in your area with this edutainment offering.

Resorts & Hotels

A unique supplement service for guest — training, fitness and fun all year round!

Fitness & Gyms

First workout equipment for gyms and wellness clubs that is actually fun

Medical Rehab

Step-by-step post-injury recovery that stimulates natural compensatory mechanisms

Apartment Gyms & Lounges

Add a new show-stopper amenity to your next multifamily residential project and impress future tenants!

Ski Simulator in Vancuver, Canada

Hunders of simulators
for Indoor Skiing
All Over the World

Snowboard simulator in Sydney, Australia

A Profitable Investment and a Great Service for Your Customers

A realistic alpine experience combined with stunning virtual reality allows anyone to have tons of fun and break a little sweat: skiing professionals, fitness enthusiasts, or just someone seeking adventure and growth.

A Fresh Look On Home Training

Whether you choose a compact model that fits into any room or a pro solution, 30 thrilling minutes on the simulator equals 8 hours on the slopes in terms of both technical training and fitness effect.

For Snow Sports Lovers

Want to be in your best shape and enjoy every second when on slopes? It’s now possible even if you only have time for one or two ski trips in a season.

For Fitness Nuts

If you’re bored with treadmills and weights and seek for engaging experiences, this is both great cardio and strength training. Choose from multiple race tracks and keep all of your stats to make sure you grow every day.

A Set of Handy Business Tools

App For Your Clients

Keep your clients engaged with a cloud-powered app gives them access to all their races, stats and global leaderboards.

Advertising and Custom Branding on Slopes

Place your or your sponsor’s logo on banners, gates and billboards along the virtual slopes.

Owner Dashboard

Access usage statistics, business analytics service log and support from anywhere.

Regular Software Updates

Major updates include new features that maximize your customer’s experience.

Made to Last

Our simulators operate all across the world, so we have a huge expertise in quality control and service. All machines are backed by Limited Warranty and our reputation for building reliable equipment for over fifteen years. Being an official partner of the US Olympic Ski & Snowboard Team has been a token of trust and longevity for SkyTechSport. World’s top trade shows recognize our technology as a breakthrough in sports and fitness.