Our Secret Sauce
Is Real G-force

Our patented motion platform generates the same G-force you experience on the slope. And since physics and biomechanics are the same, skiing on the simulator feels just like the real thing.
Real G-force Is Our Secret Sauce

Technology To Make
It Feel Like Skiing

Sensors track your motion

Multiple sensors track position of your skis, your edging angles, and much more. The simulator knows what you are doing each and every second.

World-Famous Ski Resorts

Decide where to go skiing: Beaver Creek, Kitzbuhel, PyeongChang… in the next hour. With a single click, in July or April, in Texas or New York City.

Fully immersive virtual reality

First workout equipment for gyms and wellness clubs that is actually fun and engaging

Powerful motors recreate G-force

Hidden inside the motion platform, computer controlled motors generate all the forces of skiing inducing the authentic excitement.

Software creates sensation of skiing

Ski multiple trails and race courses. Adjust snow conditions, add moguls. Want a challenge? Select spring snow or ice!

Live leaderboard

Join the awe-inspiring competition with skiers and riders all around the world. Hit the top lists of your region or try to beat world-famous athletes.

Ski Areas

Each simulator comes with a set of SkyTechSport designed ski areas including the endless slope, slalom courses and GS.

Add an expansion pack with copies of real ski resorts. They are rendered in meticulous detail, foot by foot, so that not only is every turn, jump, and side-hill are right where they are on original courses, but all the trees can be seen just where they happened to emerge from under the snow.
Wengen, Switzerland
Wengen, Switzerland
Wengen, Switzerland
Home of the The Lauberhorn ski races
Kitzbuhel, Austria
Kitzbuhel, Austria
Kitzbuhel, Austria
Alpine resort known for the annual Hahnenkamm downhill race
PyeongChang, South Korea
PyeongChang, South Korea
PyeongChang, South Korea
2018 Winter Games resort
Sochi, Russia
Sochi, Russia
Sochi, Russia
2014 Olympic Resort
Beaver Creek, Colorado
Beaver Creek, Colorado
Beaver Creek, Colorado
Host to the World Ski Championships

Powerful UI. No Lifts, No Lines, Infinite Adventures

User accounts in the cloud

Log onto any simulator, access your training statistics anytime, track your achievements and race results..Track your stats like distance traveled, edging angles in every turn and watch yourself grow every week.

Infinite slope with infinite possibilities

Ski for as long as you like! Adjust snow conditions like ice, slush or hard-packed snow, add bumps and throw in the slalom gates where you want to.

Set up a competition

Set up a league, invite your friends for a challenging race and see who’s faster. Choose a trail you like. Slalom, GS or Downhill for a thrilling race. Beginners can find an easy trail, while advanced riders will enjoy a rough and challenging course.

Remote Updates

We are putting more of the famous ski areas into the virtual reality each year. Every SkyTechSport machine will automatically download all new trails.

SkyTechSport Ski and Snowboard Training simulator app for mobile

Access Your Races,
Stats and Live

Quickly log onto any SkyTechSport simulator with your mobile device and collect all data generated during training sessions or races. Track live leaderboards and compete with snowsports fans from around the world.

Slalom to

While on any simulator you can enjoy slalom and GS, Olympic downhill is a different animal.

Advanced skiers can benefit from the Downhill add-on that allows to feel accelerations of up to 2G while going down exact copies of Olympic downhill racetracks. Simulating extreme speeds of 90+ mph requires recreating intense vibrations and compression effects.

Andrew Weibrecht, World Cup alpine ski racer and two-time Olympic medalist

Many Screen Options
to Choose From

TV Screen

Easy, simple and low maintenance option. You can even connect it to your existing TV screen.

Curved Projection Screen

Easy to install, but impressive in its impact. The curved screen layout can be customized to your space.

Flat Projection Screen

Ideal for home gyms and commercial use. The stunning image can be upgraded to 4K. The flat screen layout can be customized to your space.

Panorama Screen

For our panorama screen we use the power of 3 projectors that create one seamless image of a running slope. Infinite possibilities in simulator width, arc length, curve depth, and peripheral view make it flexible enough to fit most spaces.

One Simulator
Two Sports

Every simulator comes with a pair of skis included. However, you can always add an additional snowboard platform. Switching from one to another is easy and takes just a couple of minutes.

Or Build
Your Own

We’re not just selling the simulators. We’ll partner with you to help you achieve your goal. Let us know more about it and learn what model will suit you best.