Anytime Fitness, Simi Valley, got a ski and snowboard simulator for the gym

SkyTechSport Simulators for Business: Gyms & Fitness

Entertainment component is a must for fitness centers and wellness clubs. New SkyTechSport technology provides an interactive and engaging workout, giving you an epic workout that involves all senses.

  • The first fitness equipment that’s actually fun!
  • Highly intense cardio burning out 700-1000 kcal in a session
  • Involves both large muscle groups and tiny stabilizer muscles.
  • Does not restrain you to separate muscles, enabling natural motion
  • Strength exercise mode is specifically aimed at muscle growth
  • G-force effect triggers natural body regeneration processes
  • Adjustable difficulty levels level
  • Injury safe because of gentle vertical loads

Lloyd Tailor, SkyTechSport simulator reviews
“I’ve been going to SkyTechSport twice a week religiously. The reason: It’s actually FUN. You know, like skiing.”
Lloyd Taylor,
a screenwriter and advanced skier

Business cases

EOLA fitness club in Latvia

Klaipeda, Latvia

The 9000 sq. ft EOLA wellness club has SkyTechSport’s perfect commercial model — the 19′ President. This facility is not just about pulling, lifting and jogging anymore, attracting clients who value active lifestyle, are into action sports, or just tired of humdrum and repetitive training sessions.

Anytime fitness - gym in Simi Valley, California, with skytechsport ski simulator

Anytime Fitness, Simi Valley, CA

No snow. No problem. Anytime Fitness in Simi Valley is the first gym in the U.S. to offer a SkyTechSport ski and snowboard simulator for fitness.

It’s an incredible cardio workout that tones the core, abs and calves. At Anytime Fitness, sessions are available without being a member.

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“Los Angeles is consistently at the forefront of fitness and health trends, and this is no exception. It’s about time that gyms got a cool-factor upgrade, and we’re starting the movement here. The SkyTechSport ski and snowboard simulator appeals to all ages and is like no workout the Westside has ever seen.”

Sohail Abdali, Owner and President of the Anytime Fitness in Simi Valley

XFit Gym in Siberia with Ski and Snowboard Simulator

XFit Innovative Gym

In the heart of the cold Siberia, not far from the local snow sports Mekka – Sheregesh, a 1700-meter beautiful space of wellness got its cherry on top — the most innovative and exciting of all its training machines.