Unprecedented Sense of Total Immersion

Great for any level of skill

Including those who’s never been on real slopes.

Multiple rental options

Can accommodate event of any footprint and scale to include panorama, flat projection screens or LED panels.

Our staff will guide you from start to finish

From planning to removal, our trained team is with you. There is no need to know how to operate the simulator.

Running slope on a huge screen

is ideally synced with your movements and creates a powerful draw

Easy to use

It even works for kids strarting the age of 5

G-forces and all sensations of skiing

in a safer environment

Let Skiing Take You To New Heights

Team building events

If you count top performance, engagement, innovation, and teamwork to your key values, as well as care for your employee’s well-being, — your very own skiing championship is an ideal fit! Make teams strive for the best result and be proud of themselves when you award trophies and prizes.

Promotional events

Provide the excitement of racing wherever you want! The perfect eye catcher of a panorama screen will keep potential clients around you. Organize a time trial competition between the visitors or generate new leads for business.

Conferences and forums

Our simulators attract the majority of the people in events, simply because the experience itself is so unique and thrilling. Breaking a sweat will help break the ice, making the machine an effective integrated marketing tools for customer acquisition and customer retention.

Expos and industry events

Heads will turn! The giant image of a running slope will increase footfall. Then you will create a basis for customer interaction and connect the image of your brand with the passion of real snow sport.

Incentives for customers

If you are looking for a sensational experience, this most accurate reproduction of extreme sports will help your guests to enjoy the day to the fullest. When you’re bombing down a virtual Olympic slope, your adrenaline is flowing just like on a real one, making you feel the inner cool.

Fundraiser parties

Experiencing the incomparable emotions of virtual skiing can impress everyone, revealing their inner heroes and the making them more open for good deeds and eager to help others. Local and national media will be drawn by this one-of-a-kind technology.

Private events

Birthdays, group tours, class reunions, club parties… Give your guests a chance to live out their dreams and feel the uncompromised exhilaration of a racing competition.
10’ by 10’ / 3.5m x 3.5m

Racer Pro with Flat Screen

Compact and equipped with a 75” LED screen or a wide 10’ projection screen, this machine is the most cost-effective solution for brand activation.
20’ by 20’ / 6.0m x 6.0m

President Lux with Panorama Screen

Our most popular model. Powerful enough to hold races on virtual courses for advanced skiers. Can also support beginners, allowing individuals with zero experience to enjoy skiing or snowboarding at any event.

Virtual Space Branding

Go beyond placing your brand tag onto the outside of the simulator booth. Virtual slopes are a unique environment: people watching the show are absorbed in the screen. Benefit from the 100% audience engagement and use the space on our huge panoramic screen. Change the entire ski area. Place your logo on banners, gates and billboards along the virtual slopes so you can further extend your brand exposure at presentations, corporate events or shows.

Side Banners

All slopes are fenced along the sides with nets and banners to present your brand.


Billboards on both sides of the course grab attention every time a skier passes by.

Custom Gates

Gates are the main focal points of the audience’s attention throughout the runs.

One Ski Simulator, So Many Successful Events