Ski Simulator for Students of Tempe, Arizona

RISE on Apache, Student Housing in Tempe, Arizona, near Arizona State University in Tempe, AZ, offers all the luxuries of home – and then some. From our private study rooms that help stay in stride with ones studies to lavish amenities like climbing wall, rooftop deck oasis with pool and running track, sundeck, JumboTron, and of course our ski & snowboard simulators. Only steps from campus and minutes from downtown, it takes the student living paradigm up a notch.

RISE on Apache, Student Housing in Tempe, Arizona

RISE student housing aims to bring its residents the perfect balance of work, life, and leisure. The ski and snowboard simulator helps in every aspect.

Stay in stride with studies

Physical activity boosts our attention span, memory and brain capacities in general. Moreover, it releases lots of ‘happy hormones’ that also help work through difficult studies. Anyone who’s been to college know how hard it may be to squeeze fitness in-between classes. This student housing really took care of its residents’ well-being.

30 minutes on the simulator equal a whole day in the mountains — on average, a trainee makes around 2000 turns in just one training session. Intensive cardio workout combined with power training allows to build a healthy body for a healthy mind.

A next-level workout

This high-tech machine and its virtual mountain make every training session as fun as a video game. Unlike typical gym equipment, real skiing in virtual reality is an experience people always come back for. It’s a huge enticement in itself to healthy lifestyle, and a huge amount of excitement and pleasure — right here at home, available 24/7.

Lifelong connections

Students can build enduring friendships during big and small ski parties where they’ll compete against each other on best Olympic racetracks. The UI allows to download exact copies of real racetracks and even hold competitions with people all around the globe!

Address: 1000 E Apache Blvd Tempe, AZ 85281