Physical Therapy with SkytechSport in Austria

We’re happy to announce you can now find our Ski and Snowboard Simulator in one more facility in Austria! It is located at Pliz Wellness Centre, which is one of the leading companies in Upper Austria that deals with specific issues related to health and quality of life.

As we all know, professional and amateur athletes face many problems related to recovery after injuries. Fortunately, workouts on SkytechSport simulators have established themselves as one of the most effective ways of rehab for people who suffer from musculoskeletal injuries.

Specialists of Pliz Wellness Centre speak of simulator-based training on SkyTechSport machine as irreplaceable and of utter importance for quick recovery. It's not only for the pros though — now everyone can practise their skiing and snowboarding skills on SkytechSport simulators all year round — during centre’s opening hours.