The All-New SkyTechSport Style

We’re happy to reveal our refreshed corporate style. That’s a big milestone for SkyTechSport, and it totally feels like a start of something huge and amazing.

The new concept is based on curved lines that reflect several important aspects of our technology.

SkyTechSport new logo
SkyTechSport new style

Terrain and topography

We scan famous ski resorts to transfer to the digital reality. Unique SkyTechSport software includes virtual racecourses are a unique technology that provides a competitive advantage for pro athletes and tons of fun and motivation for all others. New racetracks appear every year, and all owners of ski and snowboard simulator, — businesses and individuals, — get their software updated remotely.

“We tried to make the whole style minimalistic, full of air, vital and dynamic.”
SkyTechSport new style

Advanced 3D graphics

Our engineers keep improving it all the time. We traveled to the best world’s ski resorts to create their exact digital copies. These virtual racetracks from all over the globe are synced with the simulator, so that your experience is as close as possible to ripping turns down a real slalom, GS or even downhill track.

SkyTechSport new style

The mountains

Peaks, cones, cliffs and slopes are our love and inspiration for ever. Powerful, eternal, dangerous for those who don’t bother to show enough respect, but opening up so much beauty and joy for those who invest time and effort into exploring their mysteries.

SkyTechSport new style

Motion patters of skis and snowboards

These flowing lines that strike a spark in the heart of every athlete and amateur. It’s a symbol of snow sports that are a sacred fire for us and millions across the globe. It’s hard to truly master the carving technique to be able to draw these perfect arcs on the groomed slope or fresh powder, and our mission is to make training and learning much easier, faster, and more fun for anyone.

We also tried to make the whole style minimalistic, full of air, vital and dynamic. We kept the red colour that speaks about our active and passionate nature, but freshened it up a bit.

SkyTechSport new style SkyTechSport new style