Ski Indoor At DECO Luxury Apartments In Denver

DECO boasts fresh air, great outdoor lifestyle, unique social environment and neighborhood. These well-crafted residences brought together Denver’s city’s industrial aesthetic with local activities, — plus a little bit of Colorado’s natural spectacle.

Denver DECO Luxury Apartments With SkyTechSport Simulator

The fresh concept of DECO luxury apartments takes a different approach to upscale living, keeping in mind values and interests of Coloradans.

It means that every home here is pet-friendly, has a balcony, storage for winter gear, access to the pool and local beer on tap. But among all the amenities what astounds potential residents the most is the Ski Simulator room.

Denver DECO Luxury Apartments With SkyTechSport Simulator

Equipped with a Racer Pro SkyTechSport Simulator, it allows to ski and ride 24/7 and 365 days a year. Located in the country’s ski mecca, Denver has a huge snow sports community. Ski and snowboard simulators allow to train indoors regardless of the skill level, including those who have never even bucked into ski boots before

This professional state-of-the-art snowsports machine is perfect for off-season training. Just imagine — your technique gets better and better, while you only spend half an hour daily without even leaving home! Your muscles are fully ready for the mountains before the first day of the season. You get in killer shape while racing down virtual racetracks. We really envy those who benefit from this fun, new way to work out and stay in shape.

Or how about throwing a party for all of your nearest and dearest? Competitions on copies of real Olympic tracks will make it the talk of the town! You can also compete with famous athletes and Olympic champions and see if you can approach their records on just the same racetracks. Your results will be shown in the Global Ranking!

Denver DECO Luxury Apartments With SkyTechSport Simulator

This actually happens for the second time in Denver: its folks are so in love with skiing that they absolutely need each a whole personal ski slope!

Take a look at the Grand luxury apartment complex and Westwood Green, too!

If you want to learn more about how the machines work — here’s where we explain it all:

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Denver DECO Luxury Apartments With SkyTechSport Simulator