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Ski Simulator Skytechsport Hong Kong Residential Building

Arbour Luxury Residential Building, Hong Kong

An exclusive residence with revered private clubs rubbing shoulders with ancient trees. The Clubhouse includes recreational facilities for residents’ use such as our Racer Pro ski and snowboard simulator with digital copies of world’s best racecourses..

Ski Simulator for cerebral palsy rehabilitation

Can Anyone Learn to Ski?

Can one learn to ski if they can't walk? Watch the video and see how we're making it possible together with our partners — experienced coaches who work with special kids.

SkyTechSports ski simulator new logo inspiration

The All-New SkyTechSport Style

We’re happy to reveal our refreshed corporate style. That’s a big milestone for SkyTechSport, and it totally feels like the start of something huge and amazing.

PSIA Educator Teaches Skiing on the snow-sports simulator

Skiing Tips For Beginners. Part 3

In this article we will continue building our technique of skiing on the snow. And as always, if you don’t have an opportunity to go to the mountains, you are welcome to try the Ski Simulator by SkyTechSport.

Skiing Tips For Beginners. Part 2

Now that we have tried a few exercises and are comfortable manoeuvring around the room in our ski boots, let’s get familiar with the basic elements of manipulating the skis themselves.

Skiing Tips For Beginners. Part 1

How do you get to the level of a confident skier if you’ve never tried it before? thanks to the skiing simulator by SkyTechSport, training off-season and/or indoors has become a piece of cake.

Fete du Sport in Paris, France.

Sports Festival in Paris

On September 22-23, the ski & snowboard simulator became part of La Fete du Sport in Paris, France. Our European partner SkyTechSport-Grelich brought a Racer Pro model to the festival to join lots of other innovations in various kinds of sports.

Kamchatka, the Eastern Economic Forum

Video: Kamchatka, the Eastern Wonder

Located on the Far East, on the territory of the Russian Federation and not far from Japan, this natural wonder has always attracted the most daring travellers. Hard to get to but unforgettable, the home to thousands of geysers is becoming more and more welcoming to less venturous tourists....