Can Anyone Learn to Ski?

Can everyone learn to ski? Can one learn to ski if they can't walk? Watch the video and see how we're making it possible together with our partners — experienced coaches who work with special kids.

Disability is not a hindrance to skiing anymore.

Our project provides a new way of cerebral palsy intensive therapy and rehabilitation.

Re-Ski and SkyTechSport united to help kids with cerebral palsy, ASD, genetic and autoimmune diseases, and introduced a special supporter that made ski training possible — even for students who don’t walk.

Simulator-based training improves balance, legs and core strength, weight transfer training, — all the skills necessary for walking. Our lessons also boost concentration span, memory and vocabulary.

Kids work face-to-face with their instructor all the time. The instructors have a huge experience of working with special kids, they are 100% aware of the condition of every trainee. Every time, they develop an individual approach for each student. We adjust equipment individually for every student to ensure full safety. The machine will not let a person fall or experience excessive loads.

Friendly environment and privacy help avoid any distracting discomfort. Most importantly, we teach kids while playing with them. Simulators and their virtual slopes are just made for making all of it a thrilling game.