Best Team
For The Job


Physicists who managed to mimic the centripetal forces experienced in snow sports and relay the same G-force to the user. It’s still the core of the technology.


Hardware and software rockstars who designed reliable machinery and mind-blowing virtual slopes.


Pro racers who tested all aspects of the simulators to make sure the sensations are as close to the real thing as possible.

The Best Place to Ski
Is Everywhere

From Pros to Amateurs

After creating a realistic simulation technology in Munich, we soon realized we simply have no right to deny the regular folks an advantage of learning and training before ever coming to the slopes. So it became both an exciting workout for them and a fun and motivating virtual racing challenge.

The Global Trend

SkyTechSport’s expansion to countries and continents started from LA office in 2012. The simulators became such a popular entertainment draw around the world, we opened representative offices in China, South Korea, and Japan to keep up.

Universal Recognition

Endorsement by several national alpine teams convinced the world that it really is just as the real thing. A bit later, PSIA-AASI helped us develop a comprehensive manual for simulator-to-snow development.

Promotional Tool and Business Partner

The mesmerizing effect of our simulators combined with learning and training advantages are valued by people and businesses worldwide, from gyms and ski schools to retail stores, entertainment centers and events.

Joining two realities together

In 2009, we added virtual slopes to the equation by syncing the image of a 3D running slope and the athlete’s movements on the machine. Now we release copies of new world-famous ski resorts annually.

Knocking Down Barriers

Why should other sports be bound to a time and place? We came up with BotBoxer — a smart punching bag that reads your moves and dodges your strikes. We’re determined to give other sports and fitness fans the same opportunities of enjoying engaging workouts and improving faster.

What We
Stand For

Physical restraints should never prevent you from the thrill and satisfaction you deserve. We want to let all sports and fitness fans enjoy fun and engaging workouts and embrace the latest technologies to improve faster.

Those who live far from the mountains or can’t travel there often enough. Those who have never skied or snowboarded before. Those who have never walked on their own.

We believe that snow sports are beneficial for everyone, so we made sure we can bring mountains to anyone who’d wish to try it.


Why should other sports be bound to time and place? We’ve recently furthered our research to martial arts. BotBoxer is a smart punching bag that reads your moves and dodges your strikes. Keen computer vision and precise tracking sensors help it adapt to your level of skill, building up power and velocity of your punches. There’s even a subscription service that lets you fight an AR opponent, knock it out or… get virtually punched.